These days, people take things into their own hands like never before- you can set up shop on the Etsy marketplace, rent out that spare bedroom on Airbnb- and now, sell your property with REALICITY!

Yes, for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) options have existed long before we came along, just like options to sell your handmade jewelry on the internet and to charge strangers for staying in your home.

But companies like Etsy and Airbnb have made it easier, safer and more efficient for you and us to become shopkeepers and hosts.

We equip you with top-of-the-line marketing, professional photography & 3D imaging, industry-seasoned guiding hands and best of all, an online platform for you to take part in exactly what is happening behind the scenes.

This means that your property listing lands on 2000+ real estate sites worldwide with unmatched copy, photography and virtual tours, and when the offers start rolling in, you’re in the loop minute-by-minute, 24/7.

REALICITY liberates homeowners from the expensive and opaque brokerage industry and from the inefficient and underwhelming FSBO alternative. Selling through Realicity, homeowners save tens of thousands of dollars in broker fees and forget about the worry & hassle of trying to sell on their own.

Flat fee, no commission.
We don’t charge unless your property sells.
Get more out of selling with REALICITY.

See you around!



Meet The Team

Philip Askeroth
Co-Founder | CEO | Licensed R.E. Broker

Broker turned real estate innovator, Philip has over a decade of experience in the commercial and residential markets of New York City and beyond. With over 1000 transactions under his oversight, Philip has an intimate understanding of the industry, providing the insider-knowhow behind Realicity’s cutting edge approach. His perspective is colored by his Swedish roots, international education, and obsession with Tai Chi and Meditation, and various forms of creative activities such as writing music. In a past life, Philip held such titles as Vice President of Investments at Platinum Properties, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Home New York.

Jacques-Philippe Piverger
Co-Founder | President

Packing ten film-worthy lives into one, Jacques-Philippe is currently working on his eleventh as co-founder and president of Realicity. His characteristic marriage of dynamic entrepreneurship and boundless empathy acts as an integral wellspring of Realicity’s mission: to revolutionize real estate by empowering the individual. Over $10 billion of real estate and private equity assets flourished during Jacques-Philippe’s time as Director at PineBridge Investments under the same seasoned and guiding hand that nurtures Realicity’s growth. As a founder of MPOWERD Inc., The Soleil Group and The Council for Urban Professionals, Jacques-Philippe has blurred the line between philanthropist and entrepreneur, generating millions of socially-charged dollars as well as invaluable opportunities to disadvantaged communities. His renowned social conscience has been recognized by The Council on Foreign Relations and by the World Economics Forum which designated Jacques-Philippe a Young Global Leader. When the devastating 2010 earthquake rocked Haiti to its core, Jacques-Philippe served as an Advisory Board Member of George Clooney's Hope For Haiti Fund to support the rebuilding effort. Recently appointed to the boards of the New York City Economic Development Corporation's BuildNYC and the Industrial Development Agency, Jacques-Philippe will utilize his past life as a Wall Street financier to spur the creation of jobs, companies and realizations of dreams within the city's borders. He remains active with his alma maters, Georgetown and Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business, from which he received so much. Practicing the martial art of Hapkido and meditation allows Jacques-Philippe to maintain a near nirvana state of zen at all times. 

Yves Darbouze

Coder, designer and innovator, Yves wrote his first line of code at the ripe age of 12 and has since then, executed projects for a client portfolio that houses Pepsi, Toyota, Universal Music Group and most recently sold his social marketplace start-up CHARGED.fm.

Yves cuts through the fog of the digital world with a razor-sharp edge forged over two decades with an expertise in strategic interactive marketing, user design and a proven track record of bringing tech products to market. 

Yves’ wielding of all things digital surpasses the world of business, with proud contributions to P. Diddy’s Vote or Die, spurring disenfranchised millennials to vote during President Obama’s run for office.

Now, Yves pushes the boundaries of Realicity’s technological frontier, manning the helm of a brilliant team of engineers to create the most advanced, secure and user-friendly real estate experience.

He kicks it in Brooklyn with his family, and during the off hours shifts his obsessive focus towards the NBA and coaching his 4 year old son’s basketball team.

Ido Sacagiu
Director of Business Development

An entrepreneur at heart, Ido Sacagiu hails from Tel Aviv, Israel, currently residing in Manhattan as Realicity’s in-house business development specialist. His expertise, cultivated over a decade-long stint at one of Israel’s top hospitality groups managing, recruiting and motivating over 250 employees, lends itself as an invaluable catalyst to Realicity’s growth. With a tireless go-getter's attitude honed while serving the Israel Defense Forces, Ido maintains the same unwavering discipline at Realicity that he utilized on the field as a professional soccer player. After a hard day’s work, Ido goes home each night to walk his trusty Golden Retriever and to spend time with his wife and young daughter. During his off days, Ido enjoys testing new apps, reading motivational books and playing in three different soccer leagues.

Diana Vasquez
Business Development | Licensed R.E. Broker

While Diana has remained a Jersey City resident for the past decade, her career has spanned between two of New York’s most “New York” businesses- fashion and real estate. 
As a licensed real estate broker, Diana draws from her extensive experience within the New York City and Northern New Jersey area to secure projects and clients within both residential and commercial markets. 
Diana’s service in the Marines fostered her meticulous attention to detail and ironclad resolve that she honed as the founding owner of a bespoke clothing company. Pivoting into commercial real estate, the relationship-based business development that is essential within the fashion industry allowed Diana to quickly establish a network of real estate developers, property owners and managers.
Outside of the office, Diana is a bonafide triathlete, yogi and fan of the outdoors. Frequent and extensive explorations of various cuisines and restaurants are essential in fueling her active lifestyle. Maintaining a close relationship with her community, Diana remains an active volunteer for the Happy Face Foundation, which is a part of the Ronald McDonald House.  

Nitika Chopra
Branding + Social Media Strategist

Nitika was born in Ohio but grew up all over the world, including Cairo + Singapore. She’s been living in New York City for over 15 years and never plans on leaving! After building a successful personal brand for the past seven years and being contracted to work with some of the greatest brands such as the luxury skincare company Fresh and QVC, Nitika has an intimate understanding of how to build the online profile of a brand from the start. Nitika’s favorite thing about New York is that no two days ever feel the same. There is so much energy infused into every moment in this city and the diversity of people, food and experiences are a complete reflection of that. As she already said, she’s never leaving!

Aashna Rungta
Senior Budget Analyst

An Indian native raised in Hong Kong, Aashna brought her cosmopolitan perspective to New York City’s Greenwich Village as a student at New York University to study economics. Her time working as an undergrad ranged from advisory analysis for Asian-Pacific industries to grading upper-level mathematics coursework at the famed Courant Institute. Through her comprehensive scope of experience, Aashna holds a profound understanding of financial research and analysis that she now applies as a strategic finance associate at Realicity Corporation, aiding in the company’s early-stage growth and investor relations. In her free time, Aashna enjoys dancing salsa, listening to entertaining and informative podcasts, and watching European football.

Joyce Zhao
Management Associate

From the East to the Upper East Side, Joyce joins us as a Management Associate with a Master of Public Administration from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Her cross-sectoral consulting background brings a nuanced and worldly perspective to REALICITY’s strategy and sustainability teams. A native of China’s spiciest province, Sichuan, Joyce brings a fiery enthusiasm and energy to her work each day and stands as our gateway into the Chinese and Chinese-American communities of New York City and beyond. Beyond work hours, Joyce enjoys a cosmopolitan lifestyle, absorbing the vibrant cuisine, culture and happenings of NYC.

Ryan Kennedy
Licensed R.E. Salesperson

A New York resident for over a decade now, Ryan spent most of his early professional career working in Commercial Advertising & Entertainment. Prior to making the transition into Real Estate, he held various positions including Head of Development, Creative Director, & Senior Creative Consultant for several production companies & consulting firms across the country, along the way developing skills that have translated seamlessly into the competitive world that is New York City Real Estate.
Whether you're seeking assistance buying or leasing a new property, or selling your existing one, Ryan has the professional qualities and experience to make the normally daunting and stressful process of real estate transactions an enjoyable one.

Oleg A Reznik
Licensed R.E. Salesperson

A New York City resident for over 25 years, Oleg brings an intimate knowledge of New York and its neighborhoods. Known for his persistence and discipline, Mr. Reznik understands the importance of top-notch service and knowledge-based guidance to ensure the most positive experience for his clients. Oleg approaches any relationship with a goal to clearly understand each individual's personal needs, and his unrelenting commitment to making the process of selling as easy, transparent and stress-free has garnered him the praise and respect of his clients time and time again. His straight forward approach, coupled with his keen analytical skills from the world of business and finance allows him to offer insights and identify opportunities that often go unnoticed.


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