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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes, Keyword Research, Search Engine Submissions

Have you ever wondered how search engines decide what results to show you after you put in a query and hit “enter”? Moreover, did you ever wonder how to get your business’ Web site at the top of those rankings? Knowing the answer to this question can mean the difference between success and failure for a Minnesota business. And it’s not simple.

The answer is found in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In short, Search Engine Optimization is a large set of strategies designed to help Web sites show up well in the search engine results pages, or SERPs (Click here for an example of a SERP)

Strategies are very different for the two types of results on the SERP:

  • Paid Results are typically found on the side of the screen or at the very top, in a shaded box with a heading like "Sponsored Links."
  • Organic Results are found in the center of the SERP and take up most of the real estate of the page.

As the name implies, you must pay to get in the paid results, in what are called Pay Per Click campaigns. Organic results are typically harder to get, but cheaper – in fact, search engines will not accept money to get your site into the organic results. Instead, they evaluate your Web site to see whether a page on your site is a good match for the keywords in the search term. They quickly go through the billions of Web sites available and put up the ones that are best "optimized" for that term.

So how do you make sure your site is optimized? Well, according to Matt Cutts, a Google employee and leading SEO expert, search engines judge your site with more than 100 different criteria, including:

  • Age of Site & Content
  • Keywords in the page and their competitiveness, which are results of extensive keyword research
  • Links & Link Popularity
  • Search engine submissions and directory listings
  • Human and Search Engine Data Monitoring & Reporting

If all this is starting to seem a bit overwhelming, you’re not alone. Small business owners have their hands full simply running their businesses – few have time to also master the complex and rapidly evolving field of search engine optimization.

Realicity Search Marketing is here to help. We can help your site get clients though both paid search and organic search, managing your PPC campaign, doing your keyword research, and much more. Our agency represents more than 10 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients throughout Minnesota, and we know how to help you.

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Call Us at 1-952-303-5742, Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm Central time or send us an email and get a free consultation in which we will devise a plan tailored to the needs of your small business. Realicity Search Marketing serves small businesses throughout Minnesota, including Minneapolis, St. Paul, Eden Prairie, Edina, Bloomington, Minnetonka, St. Cloud, Duluth, Rochester, and more.

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